Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for

The Gratitude Wall on FACEBOOK Invited people to post 100 things they are grateful for this year. Here is my list:
1. Family
2. Health
3. Having a job...actually two jobs in this economy
4. My coffee maker
5. My church...a thriving spiritual community
6. A few day's break from work
7. Visiting relatives from Canada who traveled far to be with us
8. Cell phones, smart phones
9. My car
10. Road trips
11. My education
12. Teachers
13. Nurses and doctors
14. The Healing Arts Department at Radys San Diego Children's Hospital
15. Louise Hay
16. Wayne Dyer
17. Alan Cohen
18. Science of Mind
19. Sled dog racing
20. Friends
21. Food and farmer's markets
22. Being able to volunteer at the homeless shelter this week
23. Singing
24. The YMCA and working out
25. Digital cameras
26. Laptops
27. The Apple Store
28. Steve Jobs
29. National University
30. Travel
31. Friends in other places
33. Storytelling
34. Tellebration
35. Neighbors
36. Peaceful home
37. Military service members
38. Massage
39. New babies
40. Candles
41. Christmas presents
42. Sharing what we are thankful for
43. Books
44. Libraries
45. Literacy
46. Professors
47. Numbers
48. Passing difficult classes
49. Seaworld
50. Ethical zoos
51. Baby elephants
52. Giraffes
53. Tour guides
54. Email
55. Learning how to text
56. Ipods, Ipads
57. Scissors
58. Staplers
59. 3 hole punches
60. Good pens
61. Gas stations
62. Driving with a friend
63. Having dinner waiting when I get home
64. Taking a kiss break
65. Movies
66. Traveling with my aunt and uncle
67. The next generation
68. Being an aunt
69. Going to my niece and nephew's classrooms in MN
70. Christmas with the whole family
71. Our Christmas tree
72. Vacation, holiday and sick leave (paid!)
73. The Rose Parade
74. A sleepover with my friend
75. Time together with couples who are lovely to be with
76. Beautiful skies
77. Native American culture
78. Divine right action
79. Newspapers delivered to your house
80. Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens ;-)
81. Old movies
82. Great naps on a rainy afternoon
83. The Shake Shack
84. Calendars
84. Old friends
85. Birthdays
86. Talking to my mom
87. Wonderful parents-in-laws who have died, but were such a gift in my life
88. Museums
89. Money in the bank
90. Prayer support in a difficult time
91. Taking classes
92. E-cards
93. Morning quiet time before a busy day
94. Listening to someone speak from the heart
95. Random acts of kindness
96. Powerful quotes
97. Drumming circles
98. Collages and vision boards
99. New Years
100. Spirit

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Send Beauty: One Teacher's Response to 9/11

This story mean so much to me ten years ago after the 9/11 crisis. I so admire this teacher's quick thinking positive response to help her students and the world in a difficult, crazy time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Plot Thickens: A Night of Mystery at the Library

The Intermountain Volunteer Fire & Rescue Dept. Auxiliary a.k.a “Hot Spots” Presents:

THE PLOT THICKENS..... A Night of Mystery at the Library
Saturday JULY 30TH
From 6pm to 10pm Tickets: $50 per guest

It all plays out at the
New Ramona Library 1275 Main Street
Dinner, Entertainment, Auctions, Costume contest,
Wine Tasting provided by the Ramona Valley Winery Association We encourage you to come dressed as your favorite literary character or author For more information call Lora at 303-502-4226 or email:
This is a fundraising event in support of our local IntermountainVolunteer Fire & Rescue Dept

Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodbye Borders Book Store

I got a lot of my very first storytelling opportunities telling stories at this Borders bookstore. I did a preschool storytime every Tuesday at noon for a couple of years....and they paid me in $40 Borders gift certificates....I bought a lot of books there. Built my basic storytelling library and told a LOT of stories. Very sad to see it close. (Even though they haven't hired storytellers there for YEARS!) I'll miss you, Borders!

Yaking and Yarning

The South Coast Storytellers Guild has done this series every year for the past five years. Guild members share song and stories
Sundays: July 10, 17th, and 24th, 2011, 4:00-5:30pm.
Heritage Hill Historical Park, 25151 Serrano Road, Lake Forest, CA
949-923-2230 or 949-923-2232
714-482-9843 or Linda King Pruitt at
Cost: Free

This year I was able to participate on July 10th and the 24th. Getting to tell stories in this fabulous outdoor setting in Orange County CA is such a treat. Thanks to Linda King Pruitt and her husband Bob Pruitt for doing the organizing, hauling all of the equipment and holding down the fort for all of these years. Thanks to the Orange County Park Service for allowing us to do the concerts this year at no cost to the public. Getting to tell stories with old friends is always a joy!